Concrete Building Block Makers & Paver Producers:
Which concrete building block making machine will help you make the most profit?

Get the answers you need from the expert to help you choose the correct concrete block machine!

Are you looking to purchase a new or used concrete block machine and paving stone machine?

You’re the owner of a concrete business and ready to expand your business or replace an outdated concrete block machine to maintain existing capacity. You’ve taken a look at the options for concrete block and paver machines, and there are a lot.

“Increased total sales by 25%!”

“Thanks to Billís honest advice and good solid equipment we added a new production line for the production of concrete lintels. I recommend anyone in the concrete production business work with Bill!”

Edward “Bubba” Tankersley
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But which one is the right one for you?

Rimac ProductsSome concrete machines are made in India and China, and others have pretty videos, but who is real and who is not?  It is confusing! The first step in the process is determining what size operation you currently have and where you want to be in the future. Concrete block machine operations come in many different levels of production and investment.

Are you ready to find the level your company needs to be, and what it will take to grow your facility to the next level? Click on any of the five levels below to learn more.

Level I- Small Economy Start Up

Level II- Medium Start Up Plant

Level III - Medium Production Operation

Level IV - Veteran Producer

Level V - Advanced Professional

Choosing concrete blocking equipment is like picking a car to purchase

Researching the purchase of a car is similar to investigating concrete block making machines. If you just ask for the price or a catalog of a concrete block machine, it will leave you even more confused. Similar to walking into a car lot and saying, give me a price on a car, and there are 200 vehicles in the parking lot. We could not begin to list all the concrete block equipment and options on this web site or you would end up totally confused.

You may want to think of it this way to help determine which level is right for your concrete block making business. All cars can go down the road at 55 mph; however, maybe you need a car that can go 100 mph or 150 mph all day long. Maybe you don’t need six seats and a large motor.  Could a used or pre-owned car get you going down the road at 55 mph for the level of investment and needs you have? The same is true in choosing concrete block making equipment systems.

Three tips to assist you in determining your research are the following:

Therefore, your goal is to define which level of business and concrete block making machine is the best for your company to make the best profit and to grow.

I refer to the concrete products industry, and concrete block making machines as having five Levels of Investment and Production. See the levels below and determine which level you believe fits your need, and then we can begin to talk and focus your efforts towards systems that make sense to your situation.

Are you ready to get started?

I can help you in your journey of finding the right concrete block making equipment within your budget that meets all your needs. There are just two simpe steps to get started:

#1 The first step is to contact Bill Fleming, and tell me which level equipment package seems to be the right fit and tell me more about your background and any questions you have about the level you are choosing.

#2 You can also just pick up the phone and call me, so we can discuss the possibilities over the phone. Just dial 913-766-1025. Global Machine Market is located in the Central Standard Time Zone of the USA.